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In the world of intermodal shipping, little is more important than the timely delivery of goods.  On-time delivery starts with understanding the ebbs and flows of drayage, but also understanding the needs of the shipper.  This can be difficult due to the various transport mediums used in intermodal shipping.  We at Dura Trucking understand just how important on-time delivery is, and our mission is to ensure our clients never experience a late shipment for any reason.  We pride ourselves on being the one-stop solution for your drayage requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Being intermodal means that not only do we have a fleet of trucks for your shipping containers, but we also deal with ships and trains for a full menu of transportation options.  What’s more, we have the resources to store your warehouse at our facilities; this allows us to be a one-stop shop for your freighting needs all for a competitive price that will make your choice easy.

Here is Why We are Above the Competition

Choosing a freighting partner is anything but easy; there are a lot of factors to consider.  Dura Trucking asserts that we are the best solution for you through our friendly shipping experts that are always available, our on-time delivery guarantee, and our flexibility to mold to what your company needs.

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    Live, Friendly Shipping Experts

    We pride ourselves on the over 20 years of shipping experience that makes our staff experts in the world of intermodal frieght. We adhere to our values that include teamwork, integrity, creativity, respect, reliability, and commitment, which helps provide the high-level of customer service that keeps customers coming back for more.

    99% On-Time Delivery

    What drives our success at Dura Trucking is being able to guarantee that your goods will arrive on-time every time. This guarantee comes from our shipping experts that will monitor your shipment around the clock and our fleet of drivers that we retain; we see retaining our fleet of drivers as essential for our great service. Other intermodal trucking companies struggle to keep up with us for this reason, their fleet is simply less reliable.

    Logistics that Scale With All Businesses

    We bring tremendous flexibility to the world of intermodal shipping by being scalable to your business. Regardless of the amount of goods you’re moving, our experts can handle the logistics and guarantee the on-time delivery of your shipments. Big or small, we are equipped to handle your shipping needs.

    Worry-free Freight Quotes

    We at Dura Trucking are not interested in hiding fees from you; get a worry-free freight quote today from our experts to see our industry-leading pricing at work. Understand exactly what you’re signing up for, both in pricing and the satisfaction guarantee that follows.

    Over 20 years
    in Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution

    How Dura Trucking Provides Intermodal Shipping

    Expert intermodal shipping starts with having solid infrastructure and paying attention to the fine details of an operation. Here at Dura Trucking, we have all these aspects locked down. We are prepared throughout the ports of Long Beach and San Diego to store your goods and provide top notch transload services. Sometimes people ask: what is transloading? To transload, we have the infrastructure to move your goods from the cargo ship to a truck or train to get the goods on the way to the next destination.

    Dura Trucking also has the infrastructure to transload your goods to a warehouse to store them for later. Our foundation of great services allows us to be flexible with storage for you. Contact us today for your special warehousing requests and our team will quickly respond to get your goods on their way.

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    Dura Trucking Intermodal Trucking Service

    We often hear people asking what is intermodal trucking specifically, how is it different from intermodal shipping?  Intermodal trucking is the part of the shipping journey where the goods are on trucks opposed to cargo ships or trains.  Here at Dura Trucking, we’ve invested countless time and resources to develop a fleet of high-tech trucks and reliable drivers to fortify our on-time delivery guarantee. Our investments make sure that we have sustainable solutions to your intermodal trucking needs; you will receive industry-leading service every time you ship with Dura Trucking.


    What is intermodal shipping?

    Intermodal shipping refers to the combination of shipping modes used during the transport and delivery of products. Being intermodal involves having multiple transportation options for every step of the shipment, including road, rail, ocean, and air.

    What are the types of intermodal shipping?

    There are two main types of intermodal loads: international or domestic. This can be a bit confusing, as domestic shipments do not necessarily have to arrive domestically. Determining whether a load is international or domestic depends upon the length of the shipping container. International loads arrive in 20- or 40-foot containers, while domestic loads travel in 53-foot containers. Domestic loads may still arrive from abroad and must be switched to 53-foot containers upon arrival, but international loads stay in the same container throughout the entire process.

    What are the pros and cons of intermodal transportation?


    • Cost effective
    • Fuel efficient
    • More sustainable than long-haul trucking
    • Reliable capacity
    • Ability to transport nearly anything
    • Fast transport
    • Flexible & convenient


    • Risk of delay due to traffic, weather, etc.
    • Different permits required for different countries/ports
    • Some products are not allowed to be shipped intermodally or must be taken apart and reassembled upon arrival
    • Risk of damage during the shipping process
    • Weight limits
    • Limited options for smaller shipments
    container storage at port

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