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    We are committed to making sure your shipments are delivered on-time in pristine condition. This means the highest attention to all parts of the delivery process, including storage, shipment, and delivery to the final destination.

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    We are dedicated to providing you with a quote that is accurate and fair, ensuring that there are never any hidden fees or surprises when you choose to work with us. It’s easy to request a quote right on our website, or by contacting us.

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    If you are looking for a Los Angeles drayage carrier or a reliable partner to manage your cargo throughout the ports of Long Beach and San Diego, our professionals are happy to discuss drayage truck options with you.

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    We are equipped to handle all your drayage and truckload needs, no matter your business. Our expert truckers can adapt to any shipment size and make sure your cargo is delivered on time and in a safe manner. At the same time, we utilize an efficient organization system to ensure not a moment is wasted looking for shipments or replacing damaged items.

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    Drivers are the key to our success, so recruitment and retention are crucial parts of each shipment and delivery. We take a creative approach to retention in order to meet both our drivers’ and customers’ needs.

    Container Storage Solutions

    All our warehouse locations are equipped to handle your storage and fulfillment needs. Our team can adapt to any load, including trans loads, cross-dock operations, and short- and long-term drop yard storage. We also fulfill special requests for storage or fulfillment, ensuring that your cargo is delivered exactly as you want it.

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    How We Handle Truckload Freight Shipping

    With many years of experience, we’ve established an organized system that ensures your cargo is handled properly and efficiently. We are determined to face every challenge head-on to transport and deliver your freight on time. Our experts are passionate every step of the way, taking care of the nuances so you don’t have to worry. If you have detailed specifications, our team is trained to handle all manner of guidelines to make the process simple—from pickup to delivery.

    What Is Drayage versus Truckload Shipping?

    Drayage meaning has changed over time, from its original definition of “to transport by a sideless cart” to its modern meaning, which is a bit more complicated. 

    Drayage is a niche but globally crucial part of the supply chain. Like trucking in general, drayage involves the basic principles of picking up a product, transporting it, and delivering it. However, drayage is different from standard trucking because drayage loads involve containers. Drayage carriers use semi-trucks to move containers that usually carry imports or exports.

    There are extra requirements involved in the drayage process which also set it apart from standard truckload shipping. Firstly, drayage trucks must be separable from the shipping containers. This creates an extra step in the process because containers and chassis (flatbed trailers) are not usually stored in the same location, or even the same location as the trucks themselves. Secondly, a special permit called the TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card) is required to enter ports. Lastly, there is a lot of international cargo involved in drayage loads, which means that container trucking companies must understand and comply with international laws and regulations. Intermodal facilities ensure the smooth transition of cargo from different modes of transport (airplane, railway, etc.), but trucking companies must have a foreign drayage partner who understands the laws and who can pick up the cargo when it reaches its destination. 3PL (third party logistics) providers partner with foreign counterparts to ensure cost-efficient transportation and to make sure all the guidelines of the destination country are met.

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    Experience the Benefits of Truckload Shipping with the Best in the Business

    Clearly, drayage is an essential part of the trucking industry overall even though it follows more specific procedures than general truckload shipping. You’ll want to put your trust in a reliable partner that properly cares for your shipments while ensuring they are delivered on time. 3PLs offer a system for companies to store and ship products in a cost- and time-efficient manner. This includes trucking and drayage, which our experts at Dura Trucking specialize in. 

    At our core, we are focused on meeting your drayage and trucking needs, working with container trucking companies, drayage brokers, and other partners in the port areas of San Diego and Long Beach. Our team can easily adapt to your specific requests and are ready to provide you with top-notch drayage and trucking services.

    Truckload Shipping Services from the Drayage & Trucking Experts

    Looking for container trucking companies near you? Our experts are ready to serve in the ports of Long Beach and San Diego, with a focus on providing stellar teamwork and integrity, creativity and respect, and reliability and commitment. Contact us today to start your drayage and truckload shipping journey with us!


    What is drayage service and how does it work?

    Drayage is a niche but essential part of the supply chain, involving the basic shipping principles of picking up, transporting, and delivering goods. The main factor that sets drayage apart is that it involves containers. Drayage carriers rely on semi-trucks to move containers that usually carry imports or exports. Drayage is so important because it fills the gaps in the supply chain, moving products between ports, terminals, retailers, and warehouses.

    What is the difference between drayage and intermodal?

    Being intermodal involves having multiple transportation options for every step of the shipment, while drayage is mostly used only for trucking purposes. While drayage is streamlined to save time and money, intermodal is the better choice for long distances or international shipments that require ocean, air, or rail transportation in addition to trucks.

    How is drayage cost calculated?

    Drayage cost varies by location, but it is based on hours and miles. Timing is an important factor, unlike most typical truckload costs, because the time it takes to get in and out of the port, unload items, etc. must be considered. Other costs associated with drayage include fuel, ocean terminal charges, overweight fees, chassis split fees, pre-pull fees, and tolls.

    Why is drayage so expensive?

    Because of all the separate factors associated with drayage, each portion of the process is calculated separately. This results in charges that may be higher than expected if you do not take into consideration such costs as fuel, overweight loads, packing issues, or delays.

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